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#1biggri GFX application on Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:11 am


Good Day to all Maniacs,

Dear NoypiMU Community,

We are now officially opening this application thread for the new aspiring GFX Team applicants who aspires to be of service to the community. If you have the dedication to be of service to your fellow people then show us what you got.

To apply, kindly answer/fill-up the following statements below:







Why do I think I am eligible for being GFX Team?
PS. the more detailed that you post. the more change that your application will be accepted

Amount of time I can spend in forums?

Show some of your works. RIPER are not allowed
For all applicants we wish you the best of luck and do your best in being a good model in the community. For those who aspires to be of service start to be of help to others now and for those who are doing his/her best to be of help, stay the same and excel further.

Only the application will be posted
Spams will be deleted and Warning will be given

Best Regards,
NoypiMU Team.

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