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#1biggri Extras for NoypiMu on Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:51 am


SOUND/MUSIC Patch (optional) -- to be installed in NOYPI folder
Sounds and Music

Code: 62nm8d6077fvp57


List of most effects this patch removes:
* evil spirits tail (the black line behind the spirit faces)
* aqua beam (completely gone)
* PS/powerslash (completely gone)
* nova (kept the loading effect so ppl can still track guardian patchers)
* icarus clouds removed (very old but important )
* kanturu 4 and 5 clouds removed
* Death Stab wind effect (not so very laggy unless you're in war or duel)
* Twisting slash sparks
* Life Swell explosion removed
* atlans removed water effect and bubbles
* tarkan sandstorm gone
* removed devias snow flakes
* removed chaos castle clouds (i think)
* removed illusion temple clouds
* removed login error from earlier patch
* minor changes to other maps
* several skill effects removed
* smoke and explosions removed allong with more visual stuff
* removal of +15 glow
* removal of rain, leaves, smoke, fog in all maps
* removal of most effects from the dark lords bird skill!

Credits: *HK*


Code: qcbh5u30ddsl7qj

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